Mary Crawford

About the Artist

While at Queen’s University, she took time to study Art and Architecture in Venice which now affects the way she looks at light, shape and patterns in the landscape. Architectural elements are found in many of her paintings.

Gardens as subject matter has great interest for Mary. “Flowers are easy to live with,” she says, whether portrayed as a single specimen or in profusion.  Old tugs, antique boats and marine elements in general hold another interest for her.

Still life for its own sake, or as a component of large paintings of interiors, is an ongoing challenge.

Her numerous solo and group exhibitions in Kingston Public Library, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Edward Day Gallery, Kingston Artists Association , the Queen’s University Club, and the Brock Street Gallery. Solo exhibitions were held in Washington, DC, Ottawa and Toronto.

Works of Art in private collections include Holland, South Africa, Japan, as well as in the US and Canada.