Jane Topping

About the Artist

I am very privileged and proud that I live in an area that is as special as the world-renowned Frontenac Arch Biosphere. Our truly amazing, and largely unspoiled natural landscape, and the wonderful quality of life it provides—our diverse flora and fauna—our rich history, and the tapestry of heritage architecture found within this landscape are all irreplaceable natural and cultural treasures. Every season holds new surprises and brings its own unique beauty. It is this quality of home place that sustains me personally and inspires me as an artist.

In creating my art, whether using a camera or paint brush, I try to capture images that I find appealing and that I hope will kindle the viewer’s interest in my subject matter, provoke the viewer’s imagination or memory, and permit them to see places and things they may or may not be familiar-with, the way I see them.

I am always interested in trying to learn as much as I can from photographers and painters whose work I respect and then take this knowledge, whether it be new techniques or different methods and materials, and I experiment with it and find ways to incorporate into my work that which I feel will help me better develop my unique artist’s voice. I want to learn as much as I can but I want to create art that is distinctively mine. I strive to bring to the viewer images that are mundane, extraordinary—or beautiful, ugly, uplifting, or depressing—and natural or man-made things that draw the viewer to look at them, really see them, and appreciate my artistic interpretation of the elements of the myriads of opportunities the natural and man-made environment that surround us offer that inspire creativity.